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Services are billed on a time-and-material basis until the construction parameters and design are determined. At that point work may be performed based on a projected range of cost.

The cost and time required to accomplish a project varies from project to project, site to site, and client to client.

Cost and time depend on the complexity of a project’s objectives, structural requirements, code variances, square feet of built area, extent of services hired and client reviews and changes.

A small, structurally complex project with significant details can be more expensive than a much larger, straightforward project that falls neatly into the prescribed code.

For example, a 2,664 square foot (SF) custom home that used design and construction drawing services, as well as contract documents and construction administration services was completed for approximately 6.5 percent of construction cost. In comparison, a 29 SF sunroom addition, with detailed permit drawings and a zoning submission package, was finished for about 29 percent of construction cost.

Available project management literature provides an industry range of 5 to 16 percent for new construction and 7.5 to 24 percent for alterations. That literature notes that percentages still vary according to specific project size and complexity.

The below charts illustrate cost and time, based mostly on permit drawing services, for a range of my projects.

      historic cost of services
       historic time for services

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