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  Residential Repairs, Installations and Small Construction Projects

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-replace existing light fixtures with
  new light fixtures,
-install a ceiling fan, and reinforce
  the junction box if needed,
-repair or replace an attic fan,
-replace a failed wall outlet,
-put a GFCI in the bathroom
  or kitchen,
-install dimmer switch,
-install a timer switch,
-replace a sump pump,
-replace a garbage disposal
-repair homeowner attempt at DIY

-not listed? Please ask.

Replace Dining Room Ceiling Lights

Samples Jobs:

AM- (Arlington, VA); repair failed bathroom wall light, required removal, disassemble and reinstallation. ($56)

CD- (Alexandria, VA); install steel pole through roof to support satellite dish; install pipe flashing, repair multiple missing and damaged shingles and holes. ($293)

DS- (Alexandria, VA); historic house in Old Town; Install van and air inlets to vent foul smelling crawl space. ($1150)

DR- (Arlington, VA) replace front entry wall mounted light and repair interior switch wiring. ($145)

MB- (Herndon, VA) light pilot lights in Hot Water Heater and gas stove and show client how to operate gas fireplace. ($65)

A- (Stafford, VA); replace attic fan thermostatic switch as requested by owner. Fan still not operating. Diagnose that fan motor was burned out. ($110.00)

M- (Sterling, VA); replace dining room chandelier, repair master bath fan cover, repair broken folding door pivot. ($133.00)

CR - (Fairfax, VA) replace kitchen disposal with material provided by client. ($60)

JM - (Arlington) Repeat Client; replace kitchen disposal with matching disposal.
($187 including disposal

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