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  Residential Repairs, Installations and Small Construction Projects

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Reset loose brick, fill utility holes, fill window and door openings, cut out and replace broken masonry, parge chimney caps. If it is not listed please ask.

Evaluate and manage repair of buckling basement walls.

Failing Mortar Joint

Tuck Pointed Repair
with Matching Mortar

Failing Threshold Disassembled

Threshold Rebuilt

Failing Chimney Cap
Loose Material Removed

Chimney Cap Rebuilt
With New B-Vent

Broken Concrete Door Threshold

Cast-in-Place Concrete Patch

Samples Jobs:

SZ- (Alexandria, VA); Repeat Client; repair 13 feet of damaged mortar joint in 3 locations with matched mortar. ($370)

DS- (Alexandria, VA); historic house in Old Town; Installation of water proof membrane under brick walk, regrade walkway for water run off and install subgrade drainage through brick threshold; ($1900). Reparge base of brick footing; ($1400). Repair root damaged, mortar deteriorated below grade wall. ($1900)

MM- (Arlington, VA) Repeat Client; Repair cracked parging and deteriorating chimney cap and top flue liner. ($1161) Install B-vent to stop destruction of masonry by acidic combustion exhaust. ($740)

PH- (Fairfax, VA) Repeat Client; Repair broken concrete step nosing by recasting with patching concrete. ($796)

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