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  Residential Repairs, Installations and Small Construction Projects

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Fixing stuck doors, failing hinges, replacing hardware, rekeying Schlage F-Series dead bolts and knobs, adjusting closers. Installing new doors, replacing doors, swapping bi-fold doors with hinged doors, reswinging existing doors, weather stripping ...

Rebuild Broken Door Jamb
(refinishing to be done by client)

Rebuild Broken Door Jamb and Reinforce with Metal Plate

Replace Antique Door Knob with Modern Knob<
(refinishing to be done by client)

Repair Steel Door Damaged by Locksmith

Samples Jobs:

DR - Mill door for modern door knob and replace lavatory faucet. ($184).

PH - Repair shattered door jamb. Jamb in 6 pieces glued and screwed and nailed back in place for the owner to sand and paint. Set dead bolt strike and secured it and latch strike plates thru to wood studs behind jamb. ($90).

SS - Repair split horse stall door jamb to hold hinge screws and replace wood jamb and stops damaged by chewing. ($129).

PH- Repeat Client; repair sticking mail room door by reinforcing failed hinged screws and improper "new" hinge installation. ($292)

PH- Repeat Client; investigate, repair (1) and replace (1) passage doorknobs, and adjust hinge plated on (1) decorative solid wood entry door. ($169)

PH- Repeat Client; reinforce deteriorated hinge screw holes in mechanical room window well access door. Purchase, weatherize (with paint and aluminum) and install 3068 "interior door" in existing "previously modified" interior door frame. ($1346)

JW- Repeat Client; replace storm door shock damaged by wind ($40) and storm door bottom sweep damaged by snow. ($38)

CB- Repeat Client; repair screws pulling out of door hinge, replace mailbox. ($174)

RH- Replace leaking kitchen sink faucet valve, realign refrigerator door to correct drag at bottom. ($80)

P- Repeat Client; replace and touch-up paint damaged ceiling tile in basement. Secure mop sink to a wall. Adjust door closures so they do not obstruct doors closing. ($544)

P- Repeat Client; remove and reattach 2 loose wood thresholds with mechanical anchors and install 2 vinyl threshold including replacement of missing vinyl tile. All four in five story stair well. ($480)

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